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  • "At one time Linda was an ordained minister in just such a new age Church. She even obtained a masters degree at a new age university, and she then studied theology at a new age seminary. But God powerfully delivered her from the new age deception in 1984 when she accepted Jesus into her heart as the Lord and Savior of her life. Hallelujah!"


    New Age, Old Hoax

    "There is a New Age coming, but not as a result of some inner awakening or a higher consciousness. Learn the surprising truth!"

  • New Age From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "is a decentralized western social and spiritual movement that seeks Universal Truth and the attainment of the highest individual human potential. It combines aspects of spirituality, cosmology, astrology, esotericism, complementary and alternative medicine, various religious practices, humanism, collectivism, nature, and environmentalism. New Age Spirituality is characterized by an individual approach to spirituality, while rejecting religious doctrine and dogma.
    The New Age Movement first appeared as an entity in the 1960s and 1970s, although elements can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It gained momentum in the 1980s and strengthened with the Harmonic Convergence event of 1987. New Age practices and philosophies are found among many diverse individuals from around the World.
    The New Age Movement includes elements of older spiritual and religious traditions ranging from atheism and monotheism through classical pantheism, naturalistic pantheism, and panentheism to polytheism combined with science: particularly ecology, environmentalism, the Gaia hypothesis, and psychology. New Age practices and philosophies sometimes draw inspiration from major world religions: Buddhism, Chinese folk religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Sufism; with particularly strong influences from East Asian religions, Gnosticism, Neopaganism, New Thought, Spiritualism, Universalism, and Western esotericism.["


  • Mary-Kathryn

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    Mary-Kathryn Incense of Praise - Live at the Anchor

    "Mary-Kathryn and Band Live Music Video filmed at the Anchor "
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  • Psychics
    *see Deceiver-Ways Satan "lies" to everybody, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Magic, Illusions, Witches, etc....

  • Church Army evangelist to answer questions in Mind Body Spirit Challenge on British radio station By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Friday, May 18, 2007

  • "LONDON, ENGLAND (ANS) -- Steve Hollinghurst is a Church Army evangelist who has a wealth of experience interacting with people involved in the New Age movement.
    Hollinghurst, a Researcher in Evangelism to Post-Christian Culture at Church Army's Sheffield Centre, will be among the guests giving guidance to listeners on LBC radio's The Psychic Show later this month. He will be appearing on the show dubbed the Mind Body Spirit Challenge.
    Hollinghurst will be on a special segment of the show produced by Whistling Frog Productions, a ministry of HCJB-UK, on May 25 which will see phone lines open to three different spiritual 'experts', giving a Christian, a psychic, and an astrologer the opportunity to offer help and to provide advice to callers.
    The Psychic Show already has regular weekly opportunities for callers to receive life guidance from their resident medium, as well as from a whole host of other new age practitioners. But what listeners have never had before is the opportunity to receive direct help and guidance from a Christian.
    Hollinghurst will be the Christian expert on the show; he will be using prayer and Bible stories to bring the light of God's love into the program. He is also a member of the team running the Christian 'Dekhomai' stand at the London Mind Body Spirit Festival, from which the program takes its name.
    He says, "I've been using Bible stories on a special deck of cards and the offer of prayer amongst today's spiritual seekers for a while. They both offer a powerful way for people who often would dismiss Christianity to experience its relevance to their lives. The opportunity to offer this on air as part of The Psychic Show is a real chance for this to be experienced by hundreds of thousands of listeners."
    It is not the first time that Hollinghurst has been invited to the show. Last Christmas, Hollinghurst appeared on the popular Friday show to talk about angels alongside author John Woolmer and angel artist and channeller Alison Knox.
    The festival, to be held at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Victoria from 23-28 May, brings a diverse collection of belief systems and new age practitioners all under one roof. The Dekhomai stand will be offering healing prayer from the Christian tradition, meditation, and resources on Christian spirituality.
    Christians from all over the UK will be praying for Hollinghurst on May 25, and there is a special prayer gathering in Bradford at the studios of HCJB-UK on the night.
    The Psychic Show, one of the most popular programs on LBC has an audience of 92,000 every Friday night and deals with a whole host of psychic phenomena. LBC can be heard on FM in London, and countrywide on DAB digital radio and the internet at
    Church Army is a society of evangelists within the Anglican Communion, which exists to enable people to come to a living faith in Jesus Christ. For more information on the work of Church Army see or phone +44 (0) 20 8309 3519. "


  • New Age astrologer found Jesus after a co-worker prayed By Mark Ellis Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Thursday, July 26, 2012

  • "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS) -- She was deeply embedded in the New Age movement, taught astrology, and was the head of the Atlanta Astrological Society. But a co-worker’s prayers and an unexpected compulsion led to a dramatic shift in her spiritual journey.
    “I decided I wanted to explore other religions when I got to college,” says Marcia Montenegro, who grew up in a nominally Christian family in a suburb of Washington, D.C. Her father was in the Foreign Service, so she traveled frequently in her childhood, often spending summers in Madrid.
    Several experiences as a young person convinced her she might have ESP abilities. After college in Florida, she moved to Atlanta and took a class on “inner light consciousness,” in response to her burgeoning curiosity about the supernatural.
    “They took us through various techniques like chanting, psychic healing, and meditation,” Montenegro recalls. On the last evening of the class, instructors told her she would meet her spiritual master. “Your spiritual master will be with you the rest of your life,” they informed her.
    During her meditation, she saw a wizened, kind-looking man. “From that point on I thought he would be always with me, protecting me,” she says.
    After the class, she attended a Tibetan Buddhist center in Atlanta where she learned to do meditation, then began to immerse herself in New Age reading material. Books by Carlos Casteneda, Deepak Chopra, and Jane Roberts were heavy influences, along with “The Tao of Physics.”
    “It was all jelling for me,” she recalls. “I thought I had been given gifts and I wanted to put them into practice, so I studied astrology seriously.”
    The city of Atlanta has a somewhat unusual program in place to license astrologers, so Montenegro studied for their exam, passed, and received a license. Slowly, she built up an astrology clientele and worked other part-time jobs on the side.
    “You don’t make a lot of money doing astrology, but I loved it,” she recalls. She eventually became the chairperson of the astrology examiners board and joined the astrological society. She also continued her Buddhist meditation.
    The nominal Christianity of her upbringing had completely vanished at this point. “I was very hostile to Christianity,” Montenegro says. “I had the New Age Jesus, who was the avatar of the age of Pisces and was a spiritual leader, like Buddha.”
    One of her astrology clients invited her to work part-time at his company. “He wanted advice on his employees based on their birth data,” she notes. Nobody else in the office knew about Montenegro’s astrological duties. Her boss assigned her a vague-sounding title to divert attention from her actual role.
    At the company, she met a young man named Jeff McCord. “He befriended me and we would have conversations from time-to-time,” she notes. “I knew he was a Christian, but he wasn’t very dramatic about it. He let me know he’d been on a mission trip to Guatemala and that he went to church.”
    “He never invited me to church or told me I needed to give up astrology,” Montenegro says. “He was extremely nice and friendly and would come to me and ask questions.”
    She had no way of knowing that behind-the-scenes, McCord’s young adult fellowship group began to pray fervently for Montenegro’s salvation.
    One day something happened that completely surprised her. “I had this compulsion to go to church,” she recalls, “but I resisted it.”
    MORE "



  • India’s New Age Guru Fails; Thousands of Devotees Disappointed By James Varghese Special to ASSIST News Service Saturday, October 6, 2007

  • "PUTTAPARTHI, ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA (ANS) -- Thousands of people gathered at the Sathya Sai aerodrome at Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh on on Thursday evening (October 5th), but returned disappointed when the "miracle" did not happen after word spread that controversial god man Sathya Sai Baba would be "sighted" on the moon.
    This news was carried out by Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) website
    The 81-year-old Sai Baba was also present at the airport and later returned to his “Prashanti Nilayam” ashram here in Anantapur district, about 500 km from state capital Hyderabad.
    It all started when an official of the Sai Trust announced that the god man would make a "moon appearance" by 6-7 pm, and asked devotees to proceed towards the airport.
    Thousands of the Baba's devotees from neighboring villages rushed to the airport but were disappointed as a cloud cover hid the moon. They waited for an hour before dispersing.
    Police had a tough time in clearing the traffic on the airport road to enable the Baba to return to his abode amid tight security. There was no word from Sai Trust as to why the "miracle" failed to materialize.
    His devotees believed that the clouds played spoilsport while rationalists termed it an attempt by Sai Trust to revive the Baba's waning popularity. "


  • Is Scientology Christian or a cult? ,

  • "..Answer: Scientology is a difficult religion to summarize. Scientology has gained popularity due to some Hollywood celebrities who have embraced it. Scientology was founded in 1953 by fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, just four years after he made the statement, “I'd like to start a religion—that's where the money is.” That is where he found wealth, also—Hubbard became a multi-millionaire. Scientology teaches that mankind is an immortal being (called a Thetan) not originally from this planet, and that man is trapped by matter, energy, space, and time (MEST). Salvation for a scientologist comes through a process called ”auditing,” whereby ”engrams” (basically, memories of past pain and unconsciousness that create energy blockage) are removed. Auditing is a lengthy process and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When all engrams are finally removed, the Thetan can once again control MEST instead of being controlled by it. Until salvation, each Thetan is constantly reincarnated. ..


  • The CURSE of Scientology! - by David J. Stewart

  • "The musician and congressman, Sonny Bono, was also a longtime Scientologist. Elvis Presley's widow and daughter, Priscilla and Lisa Marie, are also Scientologists. The cult appeals to the rich and famous because God is undefined, and man can become his own god if he so chooses. In sharp contrast, the Word of God defines God by name ... Jesus Christ! (Isaiah 9:6; John 1:1,14; 10:33; Colossians 2:9; 1st Timothy 3:16; Revelation 1:8). Jesus is God Almighty!...


    Fascinating Story from The Creator of Scientology's Grandson - DO NOT MISS THIS - Inspirational Videos

    Fascinating Story from The Creator of Scientology's Grandson - DO NOT MISS THIS from hulahan on GodTube.

    "Posted Byhulahan11 months ago L. Ron Hubbard is widely known for beginning the religious cult Scientology. What most people don't know is his great grandson, Jamie DeWolf, knows the truth and isn't afraid to share to share it. This is INCREDIBLE!! "



  • "HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA (ANS) -- He was a self-enlightened socialist running hard for a multinational corporation, yet dabbling in drugs and the New Age movement on the side. When he first heard about God’s love he ran even faster—away from God—until the love of Jesus overpowered him and gave him a new business plan--to reach the lost in Hollywood with the love and humility found in Jesus Christ.
    "I had conflicting feelings being a socialist and working for a capitalist company," says Edwin Ogenio, founder of "The Original God Ministries." He and his wife, Victoria provides marriage and relationship counseling to many in the entertainment industry, particularly those trapped in self-destructive lifestyles. "I was searching for answers in socialism and politics," he says. "I started living with people who were liberal and socialist, but none of them had the answers."
    Surprisingly, the Dutch West Indies-born sales manager for Johnson Wax first experienced the love of Jesus when a boy witnessed to him in a shopping center. "One day I was in a big shopping mall and a 12-year old boy tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Jesus loves you," Ogenio says. "There was so much love in his eyes I couldn’t handle it," he says. "I ran away as hard as I could through the mall—it was like God himself was there."
    While Ogenio spent his childhood on the island of Curacao in the Netherland Antilles, he left at age 16 for Holland, “seeking opportunities for myself and to explore the world." With limited exposure or interest in religion growing up, he was concentrating on building his business empire, and surprised when God started wooing his heart.
    Inexplicably to Ogenio, his sister became a Christian, a move he was unprepared to accept. “It was weird to me because she was an intellectual," he says. He studied her closely to see if there were any changes. “I saw a difference—she was more warm and loving.” She challenged Ogenio to come to church with her, and he obliged--reluctantly.
    "People were so nice at this church," he recalls. "They talked about Jesus being a friend--I’d never heard that before," he says. "I said, 'Jesus, if you’re real, come into my life and change me."
    As soon as Ogenio said that, he glanced over at his sister and noticed she was crying. Suddenly the Holy Spirit came upon him with power. "A chain in me broke and I started weeping for two days," he says, "there was so much conviction."
    Ogenio was forced to confront the ugliness of his past: a licentious lifestyle with multiple girlfriends, and a deceptiveness in his heart that continued even as he began to grow as a believer. “My fear was that I was going to disappoint people," Ogenio says.
    One day a pastor came to visit and pray with Ogenio about his ongoing struggles. "He said, 'God wants to deliver you from these problems."
    "He went through deliverance and I was vomiting," Ogenio says. "It was like going through a surgery," he says. "At the end I said, 'I feel so good—praise God!’"
    But the pastor discerned that Ogenio was still lying.
    "He looked at me and said, 'I bind that lie,' because I was still lying,” he says. "A tremendous evil spirit just came out."
    Many believers are blind to their need for deliverance, Ogenio believes. “When we come to Jesus we get saved, but then Jesus has to clean house,” he says. “A cleansing needs to take place that can only happen by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Ogenio doesn’t believe a Christian can be demon-possessed, but they can be influenced and controlled by the evil one in ways that resemble possession. “There were areas in my life the devil still had control that I didn’t want to give up."
    "Christians are the best liars because they know the truth and they know how to dance around it," he adds.
    As Ogenio grew in his faith he started to serve in his church. "God began to teach me what it means to serve Him unconditionally," he says. He met his future wife, Victoria, and he was instrumental in bringing her back to the Lord.
    While saved as a young girl in Holland, Victoria turned away from God and got involved in drugs, prostitution, and other dark influences. “I had a major problem with the ‘Jezebel spirit,’ she says. “I had witchcraft in my past."
    But God started working in Victoria’s life after she met Edwin. "God said, ‘He is going to be your husband,’" she says, “but the Lord had to convince me." She says God began to show her a vision of the mature woman she would become, inviting her to trust His plan for her life.
    Edwin and Victoria married, and started a ministry in Utrecht, Holland called “God’s Pleasure." Gifted in music, Edwin formed a heavy metal band that attracted attention in the media, and the ministry grew to several hundred people. “We had a lot of punkers and alternative people, but we had opposition from the traditional churches," he says. Edwin began to sense it was time for them to leave Holland.
    "God called me to come to America several times, but I didn’t do it," Edwin says. “Every time he called me I kept holding back," he says. “We had to go through persecution for God to show us that’s what he wanted us to do."
    Ogenio and his wife arrived in Houston with six suitcases, and decided to settle in Montrose, an alternative area of Houston rife with nightclubs and homosexual activity. “God in a miracle used an old lady who let us use a 17-room mansion to start a ministry,” Edwin says. “There had never been a church in this area,” he says.
    Edwin and Victoria named their ministry “The Original God Church," which seemed to immediately attract homosexuals and alternative lifestyle people, many who were influenced by New Age thinking. Edwin admits it was hard to understand the depths of the homosexual issue at first, and he kept searching for the best way to reach them.
    "God told me to tell them, ‘What do you have in your pants?’ And then he said to tell them ‘God has given a man a penis and a woman a vagina and they fit—that’s the reason you’re here.’” When Ogenio gave homosexuals this message, he says they began to break down. “They wanted help, and unconditional love was the main issue,” he says.
    “The anointing of God was behind it, and God was breaking them, one by one," he adds. “We had a church packed with gays and transvestites, men with earrings—all worshipping the Lord.” Ogenio says many were delivered from their sexual sin and he performed a number of marriages among them. “It was rock n’ roll for two and a half years and we had big name bands coming.”
    Unfortunately, the older woman who owned the mansion died, and her family sold the home, forcing them to leave the property. Ogenio and his wife felt called to leave for San Diego, before eventually ending up in the L.A. area.
    "The Lord started speaking to me and saying, ‘I’m going to send you to Beverly Hills,’" Edwin says. "I said, ‘What are you talking about Lord? I thought we were going to Hollywood,” he says. “I knew there were a lot of Jewish people in Beverly Hills and I used to have a big problem with Jewish people.”
    But one day when a friend was praying for Edwin he felt an unusual sensation in his upper body. "I got a pain in my chest that was unbelievable and I started weeping," he says. “I was bent over and I couldn’t come up—that’s how painful my chest was."
    "Then the Lord started speaking to me saying, ‘I am giving you my love for the Jewish community and my compassion for them.’"
    “Right then I started understanding how much God cares for the Jewish people,” Edwin says. “He showed me how Hosea had to go back and get his wife who was living in prostitution and love her," he says. “He wanted me to do the same thing to the Jewish people.”
    "He also said that before I got to Hollywood I must become humble," Edwin says. "I thought I was humble," he admits.
    When Edwin and Victoria arrived in Beverly Hills they had a surprise. "God made me live with a Jewish lady who would complain from early morning until night,” Edwin says. “This was the start of being humble," he says. Next they met a wealthy man who paid for them to record a CD, which became a tool for them to bless people.
    "God was preparing us to be sent behind the gates of celebrities who had never been ministered to," Edwin says. “We meet people and God just opens doors," he says. Recently Ogenio and his wife were invited to a "special party" for MTV, attended primarily by musicians and others in the film business.
    Ogenio says God began using him to minister to people at the party. “By the end of the party we had four or five people in a circle holding hands and praying," he says. The people they meet in Hollywood are surprised that Edwin and his wife are "so gentle and so loving."
    "This is a party land," Edwin says. “But God loves people and wants to heal them," he says. “God told us the only way to reach these people is by being very humble and very gentle.” Edwin currently holds a Bible study and worship service at an actor’s home in Studio City, while they keep an office in Santa Monica.
    "Hollywood is a performance community,” he says. “There is a spirit that wants people to be dependant on performance and God wants us to be set free from that stuff."
    Victoria is finishing a book she calls "Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God” about the ‘Jezebel spirit.’ “The same spirit is behind feminism and homosexuality and even New Age," she says. “There is an underlying selfishness which is always focusing people on their hurts and needs, causing them to look at themselves as victims."
    "The Jezebel spirit distorts the order of God’s creation where Christ is the head of the church and the man is the head of the wife,” Victoria says. "Where women take dominance you see men become dysfunctional and this leads to homosexuality,” she says.
    She notes that in the ancient pagan religions women always took the lead in the rituals. “Men had to be castrated and put in women’s clothing to function in those churches," she says. "It all started with Eve believing she could be equal with God. This is what feminism is based on. It’s an ancient war over who gets dominance."
    Victoria cites recent surveys from their native Holland revealing that one in three men is either homosexual or bisexual. "There is almost a complete role reversal in Holland,” she says. Television advertising plays up the female dominance.
    "In an ad for a bank it shows the woman walking in front of the man and him following with the children, while she does all the business at the bank."
    Edwin and Victoria do extensive marital and relationship counseling, working together with couples or separately with their respective genders. "The Lord has opened doors for us to counsel marriages," Edwin says. "We’ve had such an honor and a privilege," he says. “I believe God keeps opening doors for ministry because of all the prayers taking place."

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